Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Daily SC2 Player Profile

HuK is a Canadian American player, playing as Protoss. He is a member of Team Liquid.

HuK has one of the strongest fan base among North Americans players commonly being called "HuK Norris", "The Incredible HuK", "HuKeules" and "DreamHuK". Showing much love to his supporters, his fans/supporters in return are known to make cute images and pictures to display their appreciation of his play.
After playing for Milennium a while after release, HuK was announced as the newest member of Team Liquid on September 25th 2010

HuK was among the 10 invitees to the IEM Season V - Global Challenge Cologne, the first major live Starcraft event in Europe. HuK managed to take a series off Tarson 2-1, but was knocked out of his group after losing to MorroW and Artosis
Only a week after his disappointing performance in Cologne, HuK stormed through the brackets at MLG Raleigh to win the $2500 prize. He went all the way through the Winners Bracket without dropping a series. He defeated top players SUGGY, qxc, CauthonLuck and ultimately beat KiWiKaKi 4-2 in the Grand Finals.
His first big competition as part of Team Liquid was at IEM Season V - American Championships where Chris won his group but lost to qxc in the semi finals 3-1, but then winning the third place final against drewbie 3-2.
At MLG D.C. he got to the winner's brackets final but lost to IdrA and then placing third after a very infamous game against SeleCT on Scrap Station, where he mothership rushed because the crowds had been calling for it. He was also invited to BlizzCon 2010 StarCraft II Invitational, although losing to Loner in the third round and later knocked out by MakaPrime in the consolation bracket.
HuK, together with all of the other Team Liquid members, competed at MLG Dallas, where he got knocked down to the loser's bracket by Ret and then knocked out by TLO finishing in ninth place, which meant he never lost his number one seed rank in the MLG tournaments.


After Dallas HuK flew to Korea staying at the oGs-Liquid house to practice and qualify to the GSL. But he was eliminated from the GSL 3 qualifiers, losing to Aya in the bracket final.

Code A

In late January of 2011, HuK would be selected as one of the four foreigner invites to participate in the Code A tournaments for 2011 2nd Generation Intel® Core™ GSL March. He would be accompanied by teammates HayprO and Ret as well as Australian Moonglade. He would be the only one of the invitees to advance past the first round. He would make it to the Round of 8 before falling to Losira. Making the top 8 qualified HuK to participate in the up/down matches to attempt for a Code S spot. HuK would be held off by teammate InCa 2-0, but managed to take down Choya 2-1 to earn a place in Code S for the following season, making him the third foreigner to do so.

Code S

After qualifying for Code S for the GSL May 2011 Tournament, Huk ended up in Group H with players July, Rain and Inca. Unfortunately, he lost both his matches to July and Inca, leaving him only one chance to remain in Code S in the Up/Down matches. In his Up & Down match he decisively defeated MMA 2-0 to retain his Code S position.
HuK's return to Korea saw him in the Round of 32 in Group G of GSL July where he advanced, decisively defeating TSL players ALive and Killer. He played against MC once more in the Round of 16, but lost 0-2 to his teammate.


In the GSTL Season 1 Jupiter Group Week 5 featuring teams oGsTL and Prime, HuK made his first appearance. He defeated both Check and MarineKing, bringing his team to victory after a 2-3 lead by Prime. This meant that oGsTL would qualify for the playoffs.[3]

Outside Korea

When HuK began training in Korea, his success in many European and North American tournaments was at first limited. During DreamHack Winter 2010, he flew to Sweden together with oGsInca and oGsTOP. He went undefeated (3-0) in the group stage, but then lost to Socke during the first round of the playoffs.
In 2011, HuK continued to have difficulty in the foreign scene. HuK would be one of the 3 Korean Protoss invites to the TeamLiquid StarLeague 3. He was subsequently eliminated in the first round by HasuObs, 1-2. He would also be selected for the StarsWar Killer 6 tournament where he also was defeated immediately by Morrow. His performances in notable LANs such as Assembly Winter 2011 and MLG Dallas 2011 saw modest finishes of 8th and 10th place, respectively.
HuK's breakthrough tournament came during DreamHack Summer, in June. Huk managed to place first in his group with an impressive score of 5-0. He would later defeat PredY, Socke and July before facing Moon in the finals. In the finals, HuK managed to defeat Moon once again, this time with a score of 3-2. Huk then competed at the HomeStory Cup III where he faced off against Naniwa in the finals and managed to win 4-2.
Huk participated in MLG Anaheim where he was seeded into pool play. There, he placed second falling only to DongRaeGu. In the Championship Bracket, he beat SjoW 2 - 0, but ended up falling to GanZi in the second round 0 - 2. Although he failed to reach the podium, he finished in 7th, giving him the highest placement of any non-Korean player.

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